‘Articulation in Guitar Music’
Classical Guitar Magazine (1990)

‘Bourdons as Usual’
‘Dissonance and battuto, a hidden practice in the performance of seventeenth-century guitar music?’
Both articles in The Lute 47 (2007). Available from The Lute Society Webshop.

‘Baroque guitar accompaniment: where is the bass’
Early Music 42, No 1 (2014)

‘A String of Confusion’ (2016)

‘The Santa Cecilia Manuscript’ (2018)

‘Campanelle in Seventeenth-Century Guitar Music, Bells and Riddles’ (2018)

‘Notes to the video of Michelangelo Bartolotti's Suite in E minor’ (2020)

‘The Guitar in the Sixteen-Seventies’ (version 2021)

‘Robert de Visée and the French Tuning’ (2023)


Weekend Studies for Guitar (1985)

Chaconne Macabre (2012)
World premiere performance by Johannes Mòller